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Tampa Software Startup Poised to Expand in the Outdoor Recreation Market

Outdoor Recreation Businesses Will Forever Change How They Do Business

January 29, 2019 - RESERVEC, Inc., a Tampa-based startup software company, announced today the release of its mobile-first reservations technology to serve the large consumer-spending outdoor recreation industry. After three years of assessing the viability for solving a particular need for the small business operator and consumer, the RESERVEC (pronounced "rez-er-veck") founders became motivated to create, launch and expand into an international business by delivering value in a fragmented tours, rentals and activities market while helping adventure seekers find local fun from a single source.

With smartphones in the hands of most people, it is essential for small businesses to prioritize a mobile-first strategy, thus online software and marketing should be their top priority. Mobile phones are transforming lives. Mobile is first for everyone, and is no longer one of many channels to search and find a company, product or service.  It is the primary channel for all generations, in particular, Millennials and adventurers on the move.   

In the case of RESERVEC, mobile-first is a mindset shift.  Mobile-first means delivering a consistent and positive online reservation experience with mobile users in mind.   Practically speaking, you need customers to sustain thrive-ability.  Businesses have done and will continue to do just about anything - flagger on a street corner, flyer in a hotel lobby, or business card at area restaurants - to increase foot traffic through their door. The shift is quite simple. Businesses need to quickly adjust their thinking by embracing an easy to use, easy to adapt and easy to manage mobile experience for the customer, employee and owner. 

Mike Harley, the company's President said, "The light bulb went on many years ago during a Cabo San Lucas family vacation with our teen children (now Millennial adults). Upon arrival at our destination, the conversations quickly turned from 'are we there yet?' to 'what are we doing today?'. Of course, when visiting an unfamiliar destination, the only options for us, the parents, were to send our teenage boys to the resort lobby to collect brochures or search online for companies. In both cases, it was painful to find local fun nearby," Harley stated.

After RESERVEC unveiled its mobile app in early 2018 known as Find Local Rentals, the company started working on Phase II by scaling up its platform to complete at the highest of levels.  Mayra and Mike Harley, the founders of RESERVEC, believe the time is ideal to help the inexperienced tour, rental and activities market by providing a simple to use-and-implement online reservation solution.  With a combined 60 years of developing and supporting various enterprise systems in the travel and parking industries, the Harley's possess a unique understanding of the challenges and frustrations for the operator and consumer.  

RESERVEC designed an unrivaled desktop version whereas the reservation system acts like a mobile app.  And for the operator, the mobile dashboard is rich with flexible features to manage pricing, product, inventory and much more.  Employees and owners are equipped with the tools they need to access the information when they need it. 

In today's climate, no business should expect a visitor on their website to jump through various hoops to find rates and products, and then require the visitor to call, complete a form, send an email or use an old-school shopping cart to reserve an activity.  "Just imagine if hotels and car rental companies still required consumers to follow a similar time-consuming protocol. Of course, those days are forever gone", Harley continued.

As the company moves towards 2020, RESERVEC's vision is to modernize reservation technology for current and future generations.  It is true that the user experience is always changing and evolving.  RESERVEC's mission is to improve the online experience for adventure seekers, while helping operators manage and grow their business by providing the latest reservations technology.


RESERVEC was formed in 2014 to provide reservations software specifically for the outdoor recreation industry.  By leveraging its proprietary technology, including its integrated mobile app, RESERVEC offers rental and tour operators a private-label online reservation system to boost and manage bookings directly on its company website. Through its partnership with CardConnect, a First Data company, RESERVEC is able to offer best-in-class payments technology to ensure accepting debit and credit card payments is always simple, secure and affordable. For more information, please visit the company website or call (813) 284-4458.
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