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RESERVEC Unveils Find Local Rental Business Listings App

October 9, 2018 Today, Find Local Rentals, a division of RESERVEC, Inc., launched an intuitive Mobile App for people on-the-go who are looking for outdoor recreational fun. With mobile versions for both Android and iOS, the app will allow users to easily find outdoor rental activities in over 40 countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, South and Central America, and the Caribbean Islands.

At the hand of the internet, consumers - in particular millennials - have been inadvertently trained to expect their online-search specifications to be fulfilled instantly and easily. Companies like Expedia, Priceline, and Orbitz have had tremendous success by immediately and effortlessly providing multiple travel options on their website. However, there has not been a strong online presence for the outdoor recreation industry until now. Find Local Rentals has seen the need to build a website and mobile app where users can find multiple recreational activities and companies in a particular market.

“Think of searching for something fun to do in an unfamiliar environment. There are no websites or companies that help locals and foreign travelers easily locate nearby outdoor rental activities in a community. The Find Local Rentals app was designed to serve a consumer's need for immediate online-search gratification while simultaneously disrupting the outdoor recreational market", said the company’s president Mike Harley. “By creating a one-stop-shopping platform to locate nearby recreational fun, we have improved the overall experience by removing the frustration factor.”

Simple as 1-2-3!  Launch the app to pinpoint a users location, tap the screen to view nearby activities, and toggle through customized markers on the map to view a wide range of rental activities including ATV, bike, boat, canoe, golf cart, jet ski, kayak, kiteboard, paddleboard, raft, scooter, Segway, ski, snowmobile, surfboard, tube and even umbrellas on the beach.  Currently, the free app acts as a directory where the user can choose to reserve an activity or be redirected to the operator's website for additional information. Another way Find Local Rentals is interrupting the outdoor recreational market is the type of businesses the app is designed for. Unlike other marketing platforms, Find Local Rentals specifically targets the outdoor rental segment. While other software platforms have been designed to accommodate guided tour services, the rental industry has been considerably ignored. Tour reservation platforms have attempted to accommodate their technology for rental businesses unsuccessfully, leaving rental operators irritated by the lack of functionality to service their business's specific needs. 

 "We realize that there are various reservation platforms and shopping carts that rental businesses may be using" said Harley. "Even though we know our platform is simpler and better designed for on-the-go consumers, we don't want to prohibit success if a rental operator is already satisfied with their current software provider. By offering a redirect option to a company's website, businesses can take part in Find Local Rentals' global reach while remaining with their company's existing software provider."

According to the 2017 Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) economic report, “outdoor recreation is among the nation’s largest economic sectors with an estimated $887 billion in consumer spending annually.”  It is further stated that “outdoor recreation is something a majority of Americans embrace in some fashion or another.  It crosses every demographic: age, income, gender, race, political, orientation, nationality and culture.” 

By infiltrating the outdoor recreation market with the app, Find Local Rentals has put themselves in a unique position for the exponentially growing field of outdoor exploration and recreation. Because of the anticipated growth, Find Local Rentals encourages outdoor rental companies to list their adventure activities.  There is no cost to operators listing their business when accepting real-time reservations through the app.  And for those operators who would like to receive unlimited redirects to their website, there is a small annual fee.

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RESERVEC, Inc.RESERVEC was formed in 2014 to provide small to mid-size companies with a mobile-first booking solution designed specifically for the outdoor rental industry.  By leveraging its proprietary technology, including its new mobile app, RESERVEC offers rental operators a private-label online reservation system to boost and manage bookings directly on its company website. Through its partnership with CardConnect, a First Data company, RESERVEC is able to offer best-in-class payments technology for the recreation industry to ensure accepting debit and credit card payments is always simple, secure and affordable. For more information, please visit the company website or call 727.344.9098.

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