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Mobile first technology for the 2020 consumer

Is your business Really Mobile Ready?

The mobile experience is a game-changer for increasing revenue for your company.  You can't service people on the move without a friendly mobile experience to reserve your activities. 

One known fact is that sales of travel products and services booked on mobile devices continue to grow, while desktop and laptop-based sales decline in absolute terms. According to eMarketer, a marketing trend, consumer behavior and digital economy research company, there are three important milestones to watch for in the coming years:

By 2021, digital travel sales will surpass $200 billion for the first time
Mobile travel sales alone will surpass $100 billion
Mobile will represent nearly half of all digital travel sales.

RESERVEC is on the forefront of providing the tour and rental activities marketplace with the latest in mobile reservations technology.  We call it “Mobile-first”.  Contact us to experience the difference between RESERVEC and other software providers.