Why do I need a Reservation System?

You might be thinking “Well, why does my business need a reservation system?” That is certainly a great question! You may believe that having a reservation system is too challenging and demanding, when in reality, it is much easier than you might think! Even though it sounds cliché, the benefits of an online booking system will push your business to the next level. Here are some of the most important reasons why you need a reservation system:

Turns your website into a source of revenue

How do reservations turn your website into a source of revenue? Think about it. Besides your website giving you an internet presence, what else does it do? It gives people information, has pictures, gives a phone number and email address, etc. While these things are necessary, do they bring in money? If so, how are you tracking them? These points demonstrate why reservations are essential. When we put reservations on your website, customers will be able to choose and reserve which excursion they want. What’s even better is that they will be able to pay for the excursion right on your site so you don’t have to worry about collecting payments later. With reservations, you will be able to track revenue, total reservations, daily summary, check-in times, etc. Who knew your website could do so much?!

No more lag time

Customers expect to receive a response in less than 1 hour from their call. Many excursion companies have lost business simply because another business returned a customer’s call before they did. If you ask a customer what irritates them the most about excursion companies they will say "lack of service.” Few companies have personnel continually answering the phones and responding quickly to voicemails or emails. By having a reservation system, customers won’t need to call you. They can (and will) reserve with your business because you gave them the information that they wanted: availability and price.

No cash slippage

75% of employees have stolen from their employers. A typical organization loses 5% of its profit margin to employee fraud. Money runs your business, right? So don’t lose track of it! By processing online payments, the opportunity for cash slippage in the workplace is practically eliminated. Protect your business by securely and easily processing online payments. Online bookings allow you to cease answering reservation phone calls

That’s right! If you’re accepting phone or email reservations you’re doing yourself a disservice. Sure, your employees may be able to take reservations via phone or email, but chances are they won’t be able to respond to all of them in a timely manner. By having a reservation system, you allow customers to book what they want, when they want, while freeing up the time you would usually spend responding to voicemails and emails.

It comes down to this:  450 billion dollars’ worth of transactions occur daily on the internet. The world is transitioning to online purchasing which means your consumers are demanding a way to reserve your product online. If you’re not going to jump on the train you will probably be eating the dust of your competitors. Implement a reservation system and evolve your company to meet the online demands of your customers

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