Free Online Reservation System

Just in case you think reservations are going to cost you lots money, they aren’t. We’re not tricking you now and slapping on a large cost later. When we say online reservations are free for our clients, we mean it.Some reservation companies will charge you a fee to begin using their system. We don’t. I’m guessing your suspicion level just went up 3 notches, so let’s break it down:

How much is it?

Just in case you think there is a typo, we’ll say it again: online reservations are free to our clients. There is no set-up fee or extra charge down the road. Additionally, there is no equipment that needs purchasing. You will be able to run your business on-the-go with our fantastic features, POS (Point of Sale) system, and flexible reservation system.
However, in order to process credit cards securely online you need a reputable payment processor with high security compliance. Our payment processor gives you the lowest transaction rate out there while still providing a protected environment for you and your customers.What if you don’t want to pay the payment processor fee out of your own pocket? No problem! You can simply pass that fee onto the customer.

So then how does RESERVEC get money?

Hey, that’s a fair question! Since we do not charge your business for reservations, we actually push a fee onto the customer’s total cost. We call it a GAP (Guaranteed Availability and Pricing) fee. But, don’t get your panties in a bunch because the cost for the customer is very low (and when we say low, we mean it!). Other industries such as car rental, hotel, and parking have similar convenience charges that are passed onto the customer. The difference is we make our fee very affordable.

There you have it!    That is the cost of our reservation system in a nutshell. RESERVEC seeks to be as transparent as possible because that ultimately saves both of us time. We want to bring you the best without gouging you for money. Of course we need to make money, the same as you, but we can do that without making it overpriced for you or your customers.

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