10 Reasons You Need an Online Reservation System

It's true: people love when things are made easier for them. Reserving a good or service is no different! Imagine: a customer wants to reserve a jet ski from your company. In the past, the only way to reserve a jet ski was to call or walk down to your tiki-hut on the beach and ask one of your employees what times were available. If no jet ski's were available to rent, your customer would have to come back later or try a different day.

Luckily, times are a changing and the option to reserve excursions online is rising! Check out just a few of the MANY benefits that online booking systems offer your recreation company:

1. Customer convenience.

Instead of having to email or call your company (and most likely sit on hold), online reservations give customers the chance to reserve an excursion from anywhere! Wherever there is internet connection, customers will be able to reserve your jet ski, kayak, paddleboard, boat, or whatever product you have.

2. Speed

Remember that whole sitting on hold or waiting for an email reply thing we just talked about? Your customers won't have to deal with that when reserving online! The online booking process is very quick and can be completed with three easy clicks.

3. Reserve anytime

Stores close, people go to bed, and phones remain unanswered, but online reservations keep working 24/7/365. A client needs to book a rental at 3 am? No problem! Our online booking software affords your customers the ability to reserve anytime, anywhere.

4. Easy cancellations.

If a customer wants to cancel or switch their reservation, they can easily modify their existing reservation at their own convenience.

5. Error reduction

When booking online, your customers will be asked to validate information and to check to ensure the date/time/price of their reservation is correct. They will also receive an e-receipt so they can have their booking and expense information at hand.

6. Minimized workload

Taking time to cull through and respond to emails and voicemails can become tedious and time consuming. Our online reservation system handles all aspects of the booking process including, gathering all information required, automatically updating inventory/availability, sending confirmation emails, and much more!

7. Keep track of data

Are you sticking close to your customers? RESERVEC’s online reservation system syncs customer information into your personal accessible database. This data of past and present customers is a valuable resource and marketing tool for your business. Having an online reservation system makes gathering customer information effortless.

8. Loyalty program options

Brand loyalty is important, and online reservations offer you an avenue to reward repeat customers for their business.

9. Secure online payment

Here at RESERVEC, we partner with the most secure online payment gateways. Allowing customers to pay for rentals and tours online will reduce cash slippage while ensuring a safe checkout experience for your customer.

10. Three easy clicks

Our online reservation software allows customers to see rates and availability quickly and clearly. Customers are able to make their online reservation with just “three easy clicks.” Don't complicate things! Make online bookings as straightforward as possible.

Our "Top 10" list gives you a great overview of the possibilities that online reservations can bring to your business and your customers. Enhance your customer's online journey by offering these capabilities, and improve your business efficiency with our Total Management System. Have questions about how to make that possible? No problem. We're always just a phone call away.

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