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Five Key Steps to Providing a Better Online Guest Experience.

  1. Make it easy and touchless.
  2. Communicate effectively.
  3. Ask for Feedback.
  4. Always Innovate.
  5. Be Responsive.

Today, more than ever, consumers have high expectations and zero patience. The root source of much of the rapid behavior is hyperconnectivity. Tour, rental, and charter operators must adapt to offering a better overall online experience to minimize losing customers.

Why Small Businesses Need a Mobile-friendly Website and Booking Software

Because online engagement begins with the home page and ends with servicing a paying customer, a mobile optimized website is the first impression for guests to like or not like what they see. This audio lists the reasons for delivering an optimized user experience for mobile devices.

Still Paying Credit Card Fees for Website Bookings

Everything has changed. So, why is your business still paying credit card fees for bookings made on your website? If you could visit a new store to purchase the latest design of running shoes, and was not required to pay tax, would you at least check out the products? Of course, you would.

Looking Beyond Covid-19

We are all faced with a challenge, but it is not the end of the world....nor is it is over for people looking for their next adventure. The rebound will occur, and when it does, rest assured that the mobile and touchless experience will be a priority to your guests as it pertains to physical distancing.

Get a Free Website

Limited Time offer for companies looking to upgrade their online guest experience. RESERVEC will develop a 10-page responsive website at no cost for any tour and rental operator who is willing to add our mobile booking software to their website. Hosting (of your choice) is not included in this offer.