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Put yourselves in the shoes of the customer

who is looking to have a fun weekend. Whether you offer boat, kayak, jet ski, or bike rentals your customers will be looking to reserve a time slot. If it is after hours your company will not be able to answer the customer's phone call, and you will likely not respond quickly to their email inquiry. So what else can the customers do? Wait or possibly move on to your competitor.

The best solution would be

to offer online reservations for your customers. But, we are not just talking about form or email reservations. We're talking about an online, real-time reservation system on your website. Up-to-the-second calendar availability, instant purchasing, and immediate email confirmation are all at the disposal of the customer. Not to mention, our back-end will give your business customized reports, tracking, and minimize your admin work. Give your business the best solution by utilizing RESERVEC's online booking system.

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FOR EXAMPLE... Wawa Rentals

boat shack

Meet Nick. After a stressful career as a stockbroker, Nick set out to create a business that he loved, renting small powerboats to Florida vacationers.

Wawa Rentals has become a successful business over the last three years, but as the business grew and gained more customers, Nick found it difficult to keep up with the growing influx of reservations. As his business was previously set up, customers found his website and made their reservation through a phone call or email. Nick ran his business almost entirely through his smart phone, but without an automated reservations system, he was constantly responding to emails and phone calls at all hours as customers inquired for boats.

With RESERVEC, Nick is able to capture reservations at any time, day or night, and the web-based reservation system allows customers to book and confirm their rental date and time with the click of a button. For the customer, RESERVEC eliminates the frustration of potential unanswered calls or awaiting returned emails. For Nick, RESERVEC allows him to spend less time fielding calls and booking reservations, and gives him more time to spend with family without interruption.