Websites: DIY vs. Hiring a Pro - Part 2

Whether you want to build a DIY website or hire a professional designer, it is important to know what each option brings to the table. Here at RESERVEC we think that knowledge is power, and we love empowering our customers with knowledge.

We recently wrote a post on building DIY websites and answered basic questions businesses should ask themselves when considering this option. But if you're as skeptical about DIY websites as we are, then check out our reasons for hiring a professional website designer.

Where do we begin?

RESERVEC web designers already know where to begin. In fact, we already have 3 simple steps in place for you:

How do we design?

RESERVEC will create a cohesive website that will best convert “lookers” into “bookers” for your recreation business. We want your customers to be able to reserve your product or service from every page on your website. Makes sense, right?

A clean layout, good content arrangment, easy navigation, links to social media pages, and multiple photos and videos will all lend a sense of authority to your website and will help your business to cement itself as an online leader in your market.

What do search engines (such as Google and Bing) say about websites?

All websites created by RESERVEC are SEO (search engine optimization) friendly and designed using best practices (by the way, Google and Bing love our websites). By leveraging our knowledge of the recreation industry and coupling that with a strong SEO strategy, RESERVEC will be able to optimize your website and help ensure its online visibility. Many recreation companies make the mistake of building cheaply made websites with little optimization. Out-perform your competitors’ websites by hiring a pro to create a custom site for your company.

Not only will RESERVEC build you a tailored website in a timely manner, we will ensure that your new site has quick loading times so you can better convert your customers through this channel. 3 seconds? Not a problem when our pros design your website!

Likewise, the websites we create are responsive, meaning they are tailored to fit smartphones, tablets, desktops, etc. When your customers use their mobile device to view your company's website, we want them to have an awesome experience. It is crucial to give your customers the best user experience possible.

Don’t waste hours upon hours building your own website just to have it come out different from how you envisioned it! Invest the money in your website, hire a professional and get it done the right way, the first time. Spend time running your recreation business, and let the pros work behind the scenes to create an optimized website while you make money.

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