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Demystifying Social Media Questions

Do you feel like everyone is talking about social media and its importance? Have you always wondered why? Is it even worth the effort for smaller recreation companies? RESERVEC is going to answer your questions! So, let's get started:

Why is social media marketing important?

  • Social media is FREE, and it offers your businesses increased exposure! Sure, having great SEO, content, and a friendly website helps, but creating a social page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram etc., helps you personally interact with the important people: your customers.
  • Did you know that 72% of adult internet users are on Facebook? People, especially travelers, look to social media for reviews and inspiration when planning a trip. If your recreation business has an active social media presence, potential customers are more likely to find you and trust your company.
  • Not only does it increase your business exposure, it can MAKE YOU MONEY! That’s right folks, Facebook can bring in cold, hard cash. How? Social sites, such as Facebook, allow you to create Call-to-Action buttons (i.e. “Reserve Now”) directly on your page. By using these buttons effectively, customers can reserve your product without needing to leave Facebook. Nifty, right?

Okay, but is it really worth the time for smaller recreation businesses to do social media?

Absolutely! In addition to the wonderful points mentioned above, it's free advertising for your company. As previously explained, your customers will be able to reserve a product, freely interact with your company on a daily basis, and read reviews from past clients. It's your virtual presence readily available for curious customers (oh, and did we mention that it's free?).

How does a social media page build trust with customers?

This is a fantastic question! Creating social media pages for your business instills trust in future clients and loyalty from current ones because of the transparency. Consumers love and crave honesty from your business. Interacting with happy or even upset clients on your social page shows the human element of your business. Truly, it does! Even though that sounds overly mushy-gushy, it's vital to differentiating your business from your competitors. These actions let your clients know that they are not simply another shopper passing through your door. They are your customers, and they matter to you.

What type of content should your business post on social media?

Pictures, videos, articles, and blogs are all important parts of social media when you own a recreation business. Sure, you can tell your customers about your brand new kayaks or your state of the art campground, but showing them through pictures and videos is even better! Visual elements show customers the experience they are receiving with their money. Stuck on what to share? We have some ideas for you!

What are some ways that recreation businesses can gain more followers on social media?

Relevant and unique content is key. Giving followers what they want, whether it is beautiful photos, answering frequently asked questions, or interesting tips, will help your recreation business gain and maintain a follower base. In addition, people love free/discounted things. Make special offers only on social media, do drawings, or competitions on social media. Why not giveaway a free 2-hour rental? There are so many possibilities! You just have to be creative!

Social media doesn’t have to be hard or confusing. We hope that we were able to demystify social marketing by answering some of your frequently asked questions. Still not sure where to start? RESERVEC’s team of skilled social managers will be able to lead your company to success.

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