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4 ways a TMS and Reservation System can free your Time and liberate your Money

“Save you Time and Money”. Sound like an overused business pitch? Well it is overused, but we’re not here to give you all the sales-y reasons why RESERVEC is the best thing since sliced bread. What we are going to do is give you a rundown of the truth. The truth is that a TMS (Total Management System) and Reservation System can really save you time and money. Here’s how:

Saves you time by not answering phones or emails

Your customers love to visit your website, call, leave voicemails, call again and send emails to make sure they are your first priority (and to ask if you have openings for the date and time that they want). As you know, this makes for an unnecessary game of phone tag and delayed email responses. Stop wasting time answering unnecessary phone calls! Instead, reduce those calls by implementing a self-service reservation system. Here’s how it would work:

  1. Customers visit your website
  2. Instead of calling you, they see and click the “Reserve Now” button.
  3. The Reservation Availability Calendar pops-up and displays all the vacant date and time openings.
  4. After date and time are chosen, customer fills out name, email, credit card information, and proceeds to book excursion.
  5. After booking is confirmed, the availability is automatically updated on your reservation system. The customer immediately receives a confirmation email and you just received a booking without touching anything. . . .

. . . . which leads into our next point

Increases bookings without you doing anything!

If your business increased by you simply doing nothing would you do it? Of course you would! Having reservations on your website allows this to happen. How?

With reservations, customers (who are already interested in your excursions) can view availability, check out alternate times/prices, and book the activity. All of that happened without picking up the phone or checking your inbox.

But hey, not everyone is an internet surfer looking for the best deals on the planet. You’re bound to get walk-ups who want to reserve a time slot. No problem! Just three clicks and your walk up reservations will be updated automatically in the online reservation system too.

Allows you to change prices based on high and low times

This feature makes our customers want to wine and dine us! Our TMS and online booking system allows you to change your pricing based on high and low seasons. Similar to airline tickets, you can set your prices to automatically change based on demand. Maximize your profit potential during spring break, weekends, or whatever random busy days you have. We aren’t joking - you basically have the power of Delta and Southwest in your hands!

Saving time will save you money

As you well know, managing a small business is very time consuming. Even though running an excursion business is more exciting than an office cubicle, it still is hectic. Time is precious and sometimes a commodity that is not easily available. When you implement a TMS and Online Reservation System for your business, you allow yourself to easily manage your operations and revenue. At the touch of a button you can change prices, view upcoming reservations, email/text customers, and manage transactions through our easy online payment system.

By using our online reservation system, you are not wasting your time; you’re revamping your time. Your efficiency increases, your business management enhances, and your customer experience gets knocked off the charts! We love giving our customers the best. Do you want the best?

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