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Because we are the only online booking tool that is specifically for the recreation rental industry – seriously! Most online booking tools were built for the tour industry but have since been advertised as if the software was created for the rental operators. Unfortunately, this misfit adaptation has left rental operators disappointed and frustrated - but that’s where we come in!

Our services include proprietary reservations software and internet marketing services. We also launched FindLocalRentals.com, a division of Reservec, to offer local recreational businesses the opportunity to be listed on a directory to reach new customers worldwide.

We aim to serving our clients with superior support while earning their trust.

Always Available

No matter what rental or adventure your company provides, there’s one commodity you can give your customers that will leave them more satisfied with the experience: TIME. In our busy world, people have less patience and are more stretched for time, even on occasions that are supposed to be relaxing, like vacations or just having fun on the weekend.

By offering an easy online booking tool on your website, you let customers reserve on their schedule while allowing your business to still have ultimate control of the hours and available inventory. And the best part, you barely have to do anything!

Think about the next few years and then ask yourself, “what is my company’s vision for 2020 when millennials dominate the travel demographics?” RESERVEC provides any size business with an affordable booking solution to offer visitors to your website with a simple process to view pricing and available inventory.

The days of only answering the phone from 9 to 5 to hopefully capture someone inquiring about your services are over. Get mobile-minded to grow your business. Now.